Our Curriculum

Here at Willow Green we want all our children to ASPIRE. Our ASPIRE ethos acknowledges the role that rich, broad and engaging experiences have on pupils’ understanding (and retention) of essential knowledge and skills. It supports academic success, creativity and problem solving, responsibility and resilience, as well as ensuring physical development, well-being and mental health are central to the development of the whole child. Our ethos helps the pupils at Willow Green to become well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the next stage in their learning journey. Through our curriculum our children will have rich and varied experiences and develop essential life skills, independence, aspiration, intrigue and a sense of identity. They will engage with and learn about the world around them (past and present), their place in it and understand the impact they can have on each other and the environment. Reading for purpose is at the core of the wider curriculum, with children reading for purpose within every session. We use the Reading Enhanced Curriculum (REC) and our units have a driving book, supplementary texts and bespoke knowledge organisers, which enable pupils to enrich their knowledge in a progressive way. The curriculum is designed so that it is progressive and sequential through each unit, year and key stage allowing the children’s knowledge to be embedded and built upon over time.