Student Leadership at Willow Green

At Willow Green, our pupils play a highly important role in the running of our academy. There are many roles and responsibilities that are undertaken by our pupils that are key to the day to day running of the academy, as well as decisions that are made by them in partnership with the teachers, SLT and AAB.

Here you can find out about all of the roles and responsibilities around the academy.

Academy Council

Our Academy Council is based on a whole school approach. We work together to make our school a safe and happy place where we can all achieve our best.

The Academy council meet regularly where the two class elected representatives from each year group bring the important issues to Academy Council. Suggestions are put forward to the SLT and the AAB.

Eco Council

At Willow Green we have some enthusiastic children who, with the support of an Eco-Coordinator, are responsible for running the Eco-Schools programme in our school. Meeting weekly, they look at ways they can support the children to understand their impact on the world and immediate environment.

The children take part in litter picks, classroom talks and advise the SLT and AAB on things they would like to improve in the school.

Playground Pals

At Willow Green our Playground Pals are an important part of school life. Children volunteer to be a Playground Pal and make the commitment to help encourage happy and sociable play-times. They will be a point of contact for children during breaks and can help encourage friendship and games, make sure no-one feels alone and are able to sort out any minor concerns.

Meet our Playground Pals